I translate emotions & experiences people have had during the pandemic into a piece of abstract art. I do this in a ten-minute call over the phone. I interpret what I hear, pen direct to paper & send them the image before our call ends, explaining the drawing & paint it later in watercolor & acrylic gifting them a copy of the finished painting. I have enjoyed speaking with people around the world as well as here in the UK. I want to do translations for as wide a range of people and cultures, as will trust me to translate their lives in this way. Now out of lockdown, I am able to take the Translations in person. If you would to communicate your feelings to me and collaborate in creating an original &  personal piece of artwork, please don't hesitate to get in touch. The feedback I have received for the paintings I have done so far has brought a lot of joy as they have felt ‘Heard’, one of the most important gifts we can as humans give to one another. 

The Paintings will be shown later this year in an Exhibition as well as a book, with participants choosing to be as visible or anonymous as they like. I will be taking audio of those people who would like to be more involved in this project who may share their story or testimony spoken in their own languages for the video/documentary I am making. I will be touring and giving live translations at events.

If you would like to be included in the newsletter or would like more information about this project or have any questions please subscribe below, would love to hear from you.

If you are a Charity I feel this process could be beneficial as limited edition prints could be sold with proceeds donated to your cause.




I really enjoyed the phone conversation I had with Julie. Lockdown hasn't been easy for anyone and I found somehow it was liberating to talk about it. Julie was a great listener. 

I'd be happy to do another Translation session in person. When I received a copy of the painting I was really pleased as I felt it represented beautifully what I shared with Julie during our talk.  It perfectly captured the spirit of it. 

I would highly recommend this process to a friend. 

I also feel it would help people with depression or old people in care homes as they often feel lonely and in need to tell their story to someone. Julie and her artistic approach would benefit both them and Julie herself and facilitate an important exchange of stories and feelings. 

I'd be happy to take part in a future video. 


Thank you so much Julie for the Translations. I really enjoyed your session was spiritual, lifted my spirits. I love this painting, it’s very beautiful and It will be my truly special one, painted with my favorite colors of peacock with perfection.

Best wishes! Love Bhavis

My name is Rafael Jimenez, today I  came to Julie's art studio to collaborate on her Translation art project. I had an incredible experience and a very emotional reaction to the way she transferred my reiki experience to a piece of art I literally burst into tears I was so moved by her work, Looking forward very much to see the finished piece in full colour.

Thank you very much Julie for the experience 

Rafael x

I found the experience a creative one, I would certainly do another one in person, to see how it varies from the phone translation you did (hopefully post-lockdown). I thought your interest in me was genuine and that you captured what I said in your artistic terms very well indeed.

I am very happy with your translation and would diffently recommend this verbal - artistic process to other people.

Thanks for asking.