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Some memento's from my travels.

Where time afforded a slower pace. Drawing these was an extra immersion into my lush and exotic surroundings. I hope you enjoy my souvenirs.I really enjoyed creating them.

These sweet little drawings are some examples I drew to illustrate the short stories I wrote during the year I lived in India and some time spent in Varkala in Kerela.

felt so inspired by my enchanting surroundings that I couldn't help but be creative and let my imagination free. 

As you see I've enjoyed spending time really getting into the detail and capturing the essence of some of the rooms I've lived and stayed in. Capturing the ambiance and character of the time spent both here in the Uk and abroad.

Watching life, resting and bonding with the moments it took to capture and really observe, without judgment or thought, like a gorgeous meditation, Totally content to sink into the present whilst creating a sentimental memory, that might of perhaps otherwise have been either forgotten or mislaid.

All works are for sale, please get in touch if interested,  commissions also welcome, might you have a room that you would like to have captured?

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