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So slowly... that she hadnt heard the silent ticking nor the moment nor the hour nor the time hour day week month or year that had fled so quickly regarding this page...

I had checked a couple of times just to see if by magic something more had appeared, it hadnt.

Somethings take more time than others and a blog, so young and fresh would need time to even get my younger head around.

I still am none really the wiser as I research only what really interests me... so settle for me being me, on the spur and as I fancy. 

Coma:s fullstops as well the other jazz may or may not appear just like the colon button that no amount of willing or pressing will surrendour it...s form 

be cool...

Even waves get sidertracted, ebbing, swirling they differ in momentum lets understand not all needs to be rushed forced coaxed encouraged things will come when we are ready

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