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Sea Swept
City Cone
Sunshine City
Into the City
One Fine Day

My Cityscapes are painted by hand with pen directly to their surfaces and later painted with acrylic. I found this collection exciting most of my work is totally unplanned beforehand. I let my instincts guide me and many an hour has been spent waiting with anticipation as to where the lines lead me and what the end result will be. My personal favorite amongst them is 'Into the City', why... because I could not imagine making another that I love as much.

Metropolis 4. Is one long framed piece made up of four parts. It is framed behind perspex in order to remain quite light in weight for hanging and has a thin black frame. The story of one painting to the next is seamless and continues along its journey from beginning to end.

Metropolis 5. Does the same except each painting has been separated. Each in its own individual slim black frame with non-reflective glass. Although similar, their journeys are unique.

Commissions welcome in different sizes

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